Time Series Plots

plot_time_series simply plots out a time series of any scalar beam parameter in the loaded in FITACF or RAWACF file. See Map tutorial for map file scalar parameter plotting.

Basic code to plot a time series from a FITACF file would look like:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import pydarn

file = "20190831.C0.cly.fitacf"
sdarn_read = pydarn.SuperDARNRead(file)
fitacf_data = sdarn_read.read_fitacf()


If no scalar parameter is specified (using parameter=string), or beam (using beam_num=int), then the default is a tfreq time series from beam 0.

In a similar way to RTP, you also have access to numerous plotting options:

Parameter Action
start_time=(datetime object) Control the start time of the plot
end_time=(datetime object) Control the end time of the plot
date_fmt=(string) How the x-tick labels look. Default is ('%y/%m/%d\n %H:%M')
channel=(int or string) Choose which channel to plot. Default is 'all'.
cp_name=(bool) Print the name of the cpid when plotting cpid timeseries'
color=(str) Color of the line plot
linestyle=(str) Style of line plotted
linewidth=(float) Thickness of plotted line

For example, checking out the cpid's for a 24hour Clyde FITACF file:

plt.title("20180101, Beam 7, CLY")
pydarn.RTP.plot_time_series(fitacf_data, parameter='cp', date_fmt=('%H:%M'), beam_no=7)